Tennessee Approves Several Additional Markets For Sports Gambling

Tennessee sports betting regulators recently updated their approved events list for gambling.

The update included some minor additions and clarifications. First, the list notes that, unless otherwise specified, approvals are for men’s and women’s leagues. Additionally, approvals for all professional leagues now also include any all-star games, spring training, and other preseason games.

There was also a change to betting on eSports.

“eSports are authorized for wagering, but each league and its games/matches must be submitted for approval pursuant to the guidelines for other events in paragraph 4 of the Compliance Directive on Betting Catalogs, Wagers, and Other Events,” the notice stated. “Operators shall not offer wagers on any eSports event unless all players/participants are 18 or older.”

Tennessee allows gambling on Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Blast League, League of Legends Champions Korea, League of Legends Champions Series, and League of Legends European Championship.

The last minor change to the list was renaming the “auto racing” category “motor sports.”

Tennessee still has approved only seven online/mobile sportsbooks, but more are expected to launch before or in the early part of the upcoming NFL season.

Licensed books in the state handled $144.5 million in July, the most recent month of reporting.

Photo: Shutterstock