FOX Bet Online Sportsbook Tennessee Preview

FOX Bet, the sports betting arm of the media conglomerate of the same name, is now offering legal and regulated sports betting apps in partnership with the Stars Group (the team behind PokerStars). Bettors in states like New Jersey, Colorado, and Pennsylvania are able to use this exciting service already, and Tennessee is on the short list to be next. FOX Bet offers the ability to create custom bets, a handful of ways to boost your odds, and more than enough bet types and extra options. Having a feature-packed app comes with its own challenges, and FOX Bet does its best to cater to its users’ whims.

FOX Bet Welcome Bonus

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The FOX Bet welcome bonus is what’s known colloquially as a “risk-free bet” in the industry. We must be careful here: risk is involved with any wagering, and a “risk-free” bet is not exactly that. Basically, the process of securing this welcome offer works as follows:

  • Create your FOX Bet account and make your first deposit.
  • Make your first qualifying wager, up to $50, within 7 days of verifying your account. To qualify, your bet must have minimum odds of -200.
  • If that bet loses, the amount of the bet will be refunded to your account in the form of betting credits up to $50. That’s where the “risk-free” comes in– your first bet basically gets bounced back to your account as credit if that bet is a loss.
  • You can use that credit to bet again. All risk-free bet credits must be used within 7 days from the time they are awarded.

While it’s possible that FOX Bet will update its welcome offer or have a different bonus when it launches in Tennessee, this has been its go-to thus far in other states. Other alternatives may include deposit match bonuses where new users can benefit from extra betting credits matching their initial deposit of real money, or free bets, which are small amounts of betting credit that can be used on specific wager types. Once the FOX Bet offer is confirmed for Tennessee we will provide an update.

Who can bet using the FOX Bet Sportsbook?

All sports betting in Tennessee must operate under two restrictions, which also apply to FOX Bet:

  1. Users must be physically located in the state under which the app is branded, Tennessee in this case. When FOX Bet comes to TN, users must physically be in TN to use that version of the service. This is why your location must be shared with the operator– more on that later.
  2. Users must be of legal gambling age. In most U.S. states, Tennessee included, you must be 21+ to gamble on sports.

FOX Bet Online Sportsbook Basics

The FOX Bet online sportsbook has been taking real money wagers on sports (and some niche events) since May of 2019. Now, the service is available in a handful of states and likely to expand in the near future. The platform is designed by industry professionals with intermediate to advanced sports bettors in mind, and seems to be geared specifically towards American football. Titans fans take note.

Fans of all kinds will be able to find bets, including live bets, on their preferred sports leagues using the FOX Bet online sportsbook. However, as the app is partnered with FOX Sports (which is a major host of NFL and MLB games), there is a definite favoritism here: live bets on NFL and MLB games are numerous, but live bets on most other sports we looked at are a bit less frequent.

As we’ve stated before, FOX Bet has a ton of features. Custom bets, boosted odds, and a lot of available sports markets that can engage even the most restless bettors. However, this abundance means that the website (and the app in particular) are a bit hard to navigate, and FOX Bet could be doing a lot more to help its users get educated on betting and how to navigate the book. The heavy focus on a multitude of NFL and MLB bets means that other sports (and other features) suffer.

FOX Bet Online Sportsbook Mobile App

  • Availability: The FOX Bet app is available for iOS, Android, and desktop users.
  • Speed: FOX Bet performs best on a strong WiFi connection, but we found very few issues on several connections. It works perfectly well while using mobile data.
  • Stability: The app seems to disconnect on occasion when minimized, likely for bandwidth reasons, but it doesn’t give it the most stable feel. After minimizing the app for a few minutes, there would often be an error message that the “network connection was lost”, only for the app to stall for a few seconds and load again. Still, it shouldn’t effect the overall betting experience.
  • Appearance: It’s a nice, modern look, albeit the interface is a little busy and lends itself to misplaced taps of the finger. Luckily, we didn’t accidentally erase any bets, but the possibility for “oops” moments exists.
  • Navigation: Relatively easy to understand, but not without issues. Promotions flashing on the main page distract from a small betslip icon that is often obscured by window details. Navigation issues worsened by glitching menus that would disappear for a moment when minimizing.
  • Responsiveness: Very responsive, but issues with stability and navigation did make the overall in-app experience slower and a bit confusing.
  • Bet slip building: Bet slip building is dynamic and relatively easy– as you add more legs, more options become available for parlays, round robins, and teasers with the potential take clearly updated. We did notice some issues with betslips not loading efficiently, at times taking two or three seconds to populate with our bets and causing a few skipped heartbeats now and then. No bets were dropped, however.
  • Casino/DFS crossover: FOX Bet itself doesn’t offer online casino, poker, or DFS. However, it is closely tied in with The Stars Group, which does. With that being said, Tennessee has not yet legalized poker and casino gaming. Additional legislation will be required before those products are available legally in TN.
  • In-play betting: In-play betting is available with the FOX Bet app. This, obviously, is season dependent, but FOX Bet seems to highlight sports/leagues where they have broadcast deals.

The FOX Bet mobile app tries its best to offer the most information and variety to its users, but suffers from screen real estate issues. There’s room for improvement with the way the app is organized, but it is a great toolkit for bettors of intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Web based version of FOX Bet

The FOX Bet service can also be accessed on desktop computers. It’s best to keep your browser up to date, and make sure to enable and update any required location plugins when wagering in order to stay above board. For the most part, however, getting on the desktop version of FOX Bet is more straightforward than using the app, and can be a better overall experience.

There’s just so much to look at with FOX Bet, and the desktop version of the service has a better overall feel to its navigation as opposed to being crammed onto a smartphone’s screen. Additionally, having the bet slip docked to the right of the page makes for a more intelligible betting experience, especially since the desktop version of the service does a better job of dynamically updating the betslip than the mobile version.

Overall though, FOX Bet functions well on all devices.

Signing Up with FOX Bet

Signing up with FOX Bet is about as straightforward as any other online sportsbook. With sportsbooks and other real money gambling sites in the U.S., there are a few key items to note while registering and using the FOX Bet service, especially if you’re betting on mobile. Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Visit the FOX Bet website, making sure to choose the Tennessee version of the app or desktop site.
  2. If you’re wagering from a web browser, skip steps 2 and 3. iOS users will be able to download the FOX Bet app from the App Store– just make sure you’re downloading the app appropriate for the state from which you’ll be wagering. Android users can visit the FOX Bet website using their devices, select their state, and find the Download for Android icon.
  3. Install the app by tapping ‘Get’ for iOS or by downloading the APK file and installing to your device. Android devices will warn you that APK downloads can “harm your device” and that the FOX Bet app is an “installation from an unknown source”– go ahead and enable the installation.
  4. Once you’re on the app or browser version, click ‘Join’. Fill out relevant personal details, including your email address and preferred username and password, and click ‘Continue’ to agree to all relevant terms and conditions and confirm that you’re 21+.
  5. Before you make your deposit and start securing the “risk-free” bet as a part of your welcome offer, you will have to fill out the proper form in order to wager with real money. The “Real Money” account registration form can be found in your FOX Bet account page.
  6. In order to legally wager using your FOX Bet account, you must share your location with the service. Desktop users can do this by installing a geolocation plugin at signup and making sure it is enabled during wagering. Mobile users can simply enable location services in the app. You can access your account, including banking features, anywhere, but you must physically be in the state of Tennessee to bet with FOX Bet TN.

Pricing and Betting Options at FOX Bet

  • Totals – bet on the total points or point spread
  • Moneylines – bet on the winner outright
  • Parlays – combine one or more bets to minimize risk; best for experienced bettors
  • Teasers – like a parlay, but with the ability to “tease” the odds by a certain number of points
  • Futures – bets on future events
  • Prop Bets – bets that don’t affect the final outcome of the game, like Derek Henry’s rushing total.

As far as variety of bets goes, FOX Bet has an unbelievable selection. The newest and perhaps most exciting feature of FOX Bet are its ‘Custom Bets’, which give users literally hundreds of betting options to choose from. Odds are regularly adjusted throughout the day.

For the most part, FOX Bet odds stay pretty much in pace with DraftKings, with FanDuel inexplicably scaling back their odds payouts by a point or two. FOX’s odds are competitive enough for our liking– we didn’t see any egregious discrepancies that would affect player payouts in a significant way. Maybe a dollar’s difference on a $100 bet, on occasion.

When it’s time to choose a league to bet on, the following sports and many more, are available:

  • Collegiate and Pro Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer, domestic and international
  • Golf
  • Combat sports like UFC (MMA) and Boxing

A good selection of other markets are available as well, including bets on niche events throughout the year. FOX Bet offers more bets than most online betting providers.

Custom Bets

The Custom Bets feature deserves a section of its own, simply because it’s a novel addition to a modern sportsbook that we don’t often see. ‘Custom Bets’ allows users to select from tens and in some cases hundreds of additional bet types. Gone are the days where you were restricted to bets on the moneyline, the over/under, or whether the star player scores. In addition to some more reasonable props, custom bets offer bets with some extravagant odds in the thousands, like “QB to make 500+ passing yards” or “over 2.5 goals in the first half”. There’s always that one-in-a-million chance, and FOX Bet’s Custom Bets gives you the opportunity to maybe, just maybe, strike gold.

Loyalty/Rewards with FOX Bet Online Sportsbook

Sadly, there’s no real loyalty program when you’re using the FOX Bet service. We like to see online sportsbooks offer some kind of points payback program or other loyalty offers, but in the case of FOX Bet the bet boosts make up for this absence. There’s plenty of ways to add some extra “oomph” to your odds or access other event-specific promotions, but no VIP program just yet.

Boosted Bets

Boosted Bets are numerous on the FOX Bet platform, particularly in the NFL section. Essentially, FOX Bet offers bet boosts on specific items throughout the season, which can add up to +10 to your odds. Bet boosts are often available on bets like “receiving TDs for two specific receivers” or “win inside the distance” if you’re betting on a fight.

Deposits and Withdrawals at FOX Bet

Having massive corporations and partnerships behind you is occasionally a good thing, and luckily this means that FOX Bet has no shortage of deposit and withdrawal options. Offering more cashier options than most online sportsbooks, FOX Bet has a great reputation with banks as a whole and their partnership with global poker/casino provider PokerStars doesn’t hurt. Speculating a little bit, here’s a list of the payment methods we expect to see on FOX Bet TN.

Deposit Options

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Play+ Card
  • Stars Transfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe
  • Vanilla Direct

Withdrawal Options

  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Play+ Card
  • Vanilla Direct

FOX Bet has more options than most on the withdrawal front. As an aside, it will always take a little longer to receive a payout than to send one. Before withdrawing to your bank, it’s not a bad idea to check with them to confirm they can receive transfers from FOX Bet.

More about FOX Bet

FOX Bet is a go-to book for MLB and NFL bettors in the U.S. In fact, FOX Bet partners with the NFL and uses their official league data for their stats. That’s always a good sign, and another reason why FOX Bet should be near the top of any NFL fan’s download list. Plus, the FOX Bet service’s boosted bets seem to be most prominent on NFL and MLB games, so it’s clear where the site is putting their investment.

FOX Bet is now part of Flutter Entertainment, along with other prominent iGaming brands like Betfair, FanDuel, and PokerStars.

Customer Support

FOX Bet offers an an in-depth FAQ, but it can be tricky at times to find the answer you’re looking for. The FAQ search feature wasn’t as responsive as we would have hoped, either.

As far as contacting support– it took way more time than it should have to find links for peer-to-peer help, which were buried in a FAQ article instead of being featured on the main support page. There’s a chat bot, but no live chat service. We were able to fill out a form for email support, which was frustratingly limited by category and they didn’t always respond as promptly as we would have hoped. We hope the FOX Bet Tennessee app provides more CS options.