Unibet Sportsbook Tennessee Promo Code And Review

Unibet, a UK-based betting service since 1999, is expanding its operations all across the U.S. Currently in Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the Volunteer State is likely next on the list to get access to a legal Unibet Sportsbook.

Legalized in 2020, Tennesseans now have access to legal, regulated online sports betting. Unibet will be one of the first few sportsbooks to get licensure in Tennessee, granting users access to a well-reviewed and highly functional online sports betting service.

Unibet TN Welcome Bonus

Unibet rewards new users with an excellent welcome bonus. It offers 2x $10 bonus bets and a second chance bet worth up to $250.

Unibet Sportsbook TN Promo CodeNot live yet
No Deposit Bonus2 x $10 Bonus Bets (est.)
Welcome Bonus$250 Second Chance Bet (est.)
Bonus ValidTBA
Online LaunchTBD

When you register your account with Unibet, you’ll first get access to $20 in bonus bets in the form of two separate $10 bets. Right off the bat, Unibet is incentivizing new users with bonus betting cash that requires no initial deposit. This is a fantastic way to recruit new users, as you can sign up and start betting without any initial risk. The bonus funds will appear on your bet slip after you add any sports market to it, and can be selected from the drop down menu under “Bonus offers”.

Once you do deposit to your Unibet TN account, your first bet can be refunded. That means you can wager up to $250 and have that money refunded to you if you lose. For example, if you make a second chance bet of $400 with Unibet and lose, you’re out $150, but $250 in cash credit will appear in your account.

The minimum wager required to count towards the second chance bet offer is just $10, and those that lose the initial wager will receive their refund within 72 hours. Typically, “second chance” welcome offers will grant a bet credit equal to the amount of the first wager if it’s a loss, but that credit can only be used to wager again, and can’t be withdrawn. Interestingly, unlike many other comparable welcome offers, you can withdraw this bet credit as cash.

Account Creation

Creating an account with Unibet is pretty straightforward. Once done, you will be able to wager both from a computer, using a web browser, or through the mobile app. As long as you are within the state of Tennessee, you will be eligible to bet.

With regard to the mobile apps, iOS users will be able to find the Unibet TN sportsbook app on the Apple App Store, whereas Android users will have to download the APK from the Unibet website and install from there. If you’re an Android user, don’t forget to “allow installation from an unknown source” for this secure, regulated app before continuing.

Once you have the app, or have loaded up the website, you’re ready to sign up… you just have to meet the eligibility requirements.

Who is allowed to bet in TN?

Like any other online betting platform, Unibet TN will be state-restricted when it launches. This means that only users physically in the state of Tennessee will be able to use the Unibet TN sports betting service. You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee to use Unibet TN, but you must have a GeoComply plugin on your computer (provided by Unibet) or enable location services to prove you are physically in Tennessee while playing.

Of course, all gambling in the U.S. is restricted to players of legal gambling age. In Tennessee, like most of the country, that age is 21. Additionally, you won’t be able to access your account if you have enrolled in a self-exclusion program as a part of your state’s Responsible Gaming laws.

Personal Details

If you’re 21+ and physically in TN, you’re ready to create an account. You’ll need to provide personal details such as your name, email, and the last four of your SSN to prove your age and identity.

Additionally, you’ll want to add any Unibet TN promo codes you have, as well as opt in for the welcome bonus. It’s also a good idea to opt-in to promotional emails so you can stay on top of any new bonuses. The welcome bonus does not require a promo code, so you can expect to see your $250 bonus bet activate once you’ve made your qualifying wager.

Deposits, Withdrawals with Unibet

Making a deposit with Unibet TN is easy, and it’s also going to be necessary if you want to secure that hefty welcome offer. Luckily, Unibet offers quite a few payment options. As this article is anticipating the release of Unibet in Tennessee, we can use Unibet’s offering in other states as a good example of what we can expect.

Deposit methods for Unibet TN are likely to include:

  • Online bank transfer – You can make a direct transfer from select banking institutions. Check with your bank to see if they accept bank transfers from online betting websites: some banks do not accept these transactions.
  • Prepaid Play+ Card – Many sportsbooks offer prepaid cards for play. Just load your card up and use it as your deposit source.
  • PayPal – The internet’s favorite third party payment system is also available with Unibet.
  • E-check – Operates much like an ACH transaction, but may take some time to clear.
  • Credit or Debit – Generally speaking, you can use your credit/debit cards for most transactions on Unibet. Visa and Mastercard are the most commonly accepted.
  • PayNearMe – Users can can deposit funds to their Unibet accounts at local shops like 7Eleven or CVS.

When you’re ready to withdraw winnings, you can use the following methods to withdraw your funds:

  • ACH
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Check

With most online sportsbooks, withdrawals tend to take a bit longer than deposits. We can generally chalk this up to security and bank processing times. Additionally, online sportsbooks like Unibet have to make sure their users have access to the proper tax documents to file winnings and must process withdrawals according to stringent state and federal laws. However, it’s not too difficult to be patient in this case, because it usually means you’ve won some money.

How to Bet with Unibet

Betting with Unibet is what makes this service a contender in the US and the European markets– it’s simple enough for a beginner, but gives more experienced bettors options as well. Benefitting from over 20 years of service, Unibet does a decent job of displaying its numerous betting options to the user whether they’re on mobile or the desktop version of the site.

From Your Computer

If smart devices just aren’t your thing, you’ll find the whole host of Unibet features readily available on the desktop version of the site. Once you’ve created your account, you will be required to install a browser plugin that shares your location with the local gambling authority to ensure you’re playing within state lines. Rest assured, though– the desktop browser version of Unibet is a great way to play.

On desktop, you can easily navigate through the numerous betting options available with the Unibet online sportsbook. Open your bet slip with one easy click and take a look at all of your pending bets. You can even rearrange your windows on desktops to have everything in a specific place, bets, betslip, and all. Desktop displays have a bit more screen space than your average smartphone, and Unibet takes advantage of this on the desktop site by giving you loads of info on odds, scheduling, and more.

Unibet Mobile App

Everything you loved about the desktop version of the Unibet sports book is available right in your pocket. Download the Unibet mobile app for iOS and Android (see the instructions above) and take the sportsbook everywhere you go. This is an especially great way to follow bets as you livestream your preferred matches– just tap and go.

  • Availability: The Unibet sportsbook app is available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Speed: With most mobile apps, a WiFi connection with a strong signal will lead to the best speeds. However, Unibet functions well on data with very little lag time.
  • Appearance: The Unibet app is relatively well organized and easy to read. In a perfect world, the overall aesthetic of the app would feel a bit more modern, but its functionality and legibility are not harmed by a boring logo.
  • View/Layout: As we’ve mentioned above, some aspects of the interface feel a bit outdated, but that doesn’t get in the way of functionality. The app is structured well, so both new and experienced bettors will have little trouble getting to the section of their choice.
  • Responsiveness: The app is relatively responsive, and we found little trouble interacting with multiple windows and sections.
  • Bet slip/building: As you can tell from the screenshots, the Unibet app does a good job of keeping your swipes and taps to a minimum. Everything you need is pretty much available through a single gesture: tap Sports to see the available matches, swipe up to see your betslip, tap subsequent lines to make your bet a parlay. The entire interface feels smooth and easy to use on mobile, so nothing will get in the way of you placing a bet.

User Protection

Sports betting was functionally illegal in the United States until 2018 when PASPA, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, was overturned by the SCOTUS. As a result of this fledgling legality, all U.S. states with legal sports betting are heavily regulated. This means identity and fraud checks, location checks, and all sorts of verification are required.

What does this mean for you as a user? You can be sure that you have the weight of the state legislature behind you when betting with a regulated, legal sports betting site like Unibet. Users of this sports betting service have access to additional user protections handled with a lot of state oversight from the Tennessee Education Lottery, which was originally created to govern lottery games in the state and has since expanded to including sports betting.

Additionally, all regulated gaming sites in the U.S. are required to offer Responsible Gaming protections. If you feel for any reason that you need to take a break or “cool off” from your sports betting, there are numerous ways that you can do so. Most sites, Unibet included, offer a way to “self-exclude” and restrict your site usage for a time.

What Can I Bet On in TN?

You’ll have a rock solid selection of betting markets to choose from with Unibet TN. Wager on everything from football to Champions League soccer to MMA, all from the comfort of your home computer or smart device. Unibet even has some niche markets like cycling and boxing. Tennessee laws regarding sports betting haven’t put major restrictions on college ball, so yes, you’ll be able to bet on your University of Tennessee games as well. March Madness, the Super Bowl, the World Series… all of these events, and more will be covered by Unibet TN.

Of note, individual college player props are not permitted. I.e., you won’t be able to bet the University of Tennessee QB throws for more than 200 yards, or something similar.

If you’re a fan of international sports, Unibet TN will have you covered, too. Darts, cycling, rugby, cricket– there’s not a heck of a lot lacking when it comes to available markets on Unibet. You’ll additionally have the ability to live stream some of these games with the assistance of the Unibet TV service, which works seamlessly with the Unibet sportsbook and app.

Types of Bets

Unibet, having over 20 years of experience, knows that having a multitude of betting options is paramount to having a worthwhile sports betting website.

With Unibet, you can bet:

  • Totals
  • Parlays
  • Futures
  • Teasers
  • Prop Bets
  • Live Bets

The app gives you a clear indication of how your odds are changing as you add bets to your parlay, so there’s no confusion as to your risk. Check out the promotions page for special parlay boosts, which pop up occasionally and are a great way to add some extra credit to your bets or improve your odds.

As we’ve mentioned before, Live Betting is also an option with Unibet. This is perhaps one of the most exciting bet types available on a modern sportsbook, so it’s a great thing to see when reviewing a sportsbook app. Just fire up the app or website, find your preferred match in the Live Betting section, and place in-play bets as the action unfolds.

Rewards Programs

What is a Rewards program, you might ask? Well, certain online casinos wanted to match the experience offered by their brick-and-mortar casinos, so many of these operators decided to add an online rewards program to their internet betting services. When you visit a casino regularly, the house will often “comp” you with complimentary drinks, hotel discounts, and more. The more you spend at the casino, the higher your tier, giving you more access to extra benefits. That sort of VIP program has extended, to some degree, to many online sites… but not all of them.

Unibet doesn’t have a proper rewards program just yet, but the amount of available bonuses on a weekly basis more than makes up for the lack of a VIP system. Check the promotions page regularly, as there are new bonuses and promotions added to the page on a consistent basis. If there is an update that involves a more robust VIP or reward tier program, we will be sure to let our readers know.

Unibet Industry Reputation

We mentioned it before, but 20+ years in the betting industry has to count for something, and Unibet’s reviews are evidence of this reputation. Taking a look at the reviews on the App Store and across the internet, we can see that Unibet more than holds its own. Generally speaking, if there is any customer frustration in the reviews, this has more to do with issues like internet connectivity, which is often an individual problem.

Overall, Unibet has a great reputation in the online sports betting industry for offering a quality selection of bonuses and a solid interface without too much extra fluff. Unlike a few other notable online sports betting providers, Unibet has never been embroiled in legal issues or controversy in the country, and is continually awarded licenses in countries all across the globe. With a well-functioning platform that is expanding to new states in the U.S., Unibet’s reputation as a secure and fair online sports betting site remains solid.

More on Unibet

Unibet is a member of the Kindred Group, an international operator boasting 10+ online gambling brands all over the world. Since 1999, Unibet has provided legal gambling services to discerning sports bettors, and now is expanding its territory westward. It’s expected that Tennessee will not be the only state in which Unibet wins licensure in the coming months, as Unibet has its eyes on several states with burgeoning legal gambling laws.

Unibet was one of the first sites to be awarded a license to operate in New Jersey, making it one of the first legal U.S. sportsbooks period. This operator gained so much traction in both local and global gambling markets that it was able to expand into the Kindred Group, absorbing a number of legal gambling brands under its umbrella. Again, this expansion and rebranding speaks to Unibet’s reputation as a safe and worthwhile betting service, and we’re excited to see it grow its U.S. footprint to Tennessee and beyond.

In addition to offering sports betting, Unibet has also expanded its offering in some states to include poker and casino apps. This is fantastic news for Tennesseans, because if their state does legalize online casino games, Unibet will be perfectly poised to quickly release apps in the market.